Embued Bloodstone Rock Chalice Nectar and The Nine Trees

Chalice Nectar and The Nine Trees


Name: Chalice Nectar

Objective: Healing, Visionary, Order, Anti-aging

Class: Olde Craft

Rock Imbued to “replenishes, empowers and elevates” the Owner. Halt damage to the body, mind and spirit, as well as granting higher access and visionary experiences”.

Not only will the embued stone “remove harmful and damaging energies from one’s field, it will also prevent harmful energies from re-entering one’s field”. This will assist the bearer in gaining enhanced healing abilities as the body, mind and spirit are strengthened by removing the “distracting interference” of damaging energies. The owner will see the advanced improvement of one’s appearance and feelings of well being as the effects of aging are “slowed down”. She also added that “aches and pain have been known to suddenly cease” as a result of this piece!

Noted that one will soon experience “higher access” to information from the astral plane and Akashic records that will allow one to look within and recognize weak and disordered states” This will allow on to mentally rearrange and reorganize any disarray” and improve one’s health, happiness, comfort, general state of well being, as well as one’s greatest potential of power!

One will also be able to experience visionary experiences that are stimulated by this spell’s energies. These visions grant the bearer of such a Magickal pair answers to problems of ALL magnitudes (and these answers seem to manifest quickly). Nojal says that this spell has been used in the past by many of IMMENSE power to reveal the “answers to mysteries that have left even the most prominent figures perplexed”. In closing, Albina stated that this is a spell that not only guards and aids one, it can actually assist in “putting things right” and granting one the tools to achieve this!
Name: Witch Nine Trees 9 Amazing Powers Celtic Magick

Objective Result: Healing, Visionary, Order, Anti-aging

Class: Olde Craft

“Olde Celtic Magick”, “Nine Trees” The Celtics believed that certain trees possess certain powers and exude these energies. This spell brings forth these amazing powers no matter how far one’s physical location or home environment is from the actual trees:

1) The Strength of Oak: promotes a “driving” force of energies that provides the bearer with endurance, power and an overall strength that can carry one through even the most severe challenges!

2) Absorbency of Alder: promotes a greater capacity to learn and absorb information in order to progress in knowledge, wisdom and power! Also allows the bearer to absorb energies that will assist in furthering one’s progress and skills which may lead to greater successes and the achievement of one’s goals.

3) Straightness of Ash: This aspect of the Spell promotes nobility, honor and walking the “straight and narrow”. One will find that they are not tempted by those around one who offer false solutions or hollow opportunities” and one’s sense of “noble strength” is enhanced!

4) Healing of Willow: Promotes a healing form of energies to be drawn that will assist in healing of one’s soul, body and mind of destructive of self-limiting energies. This aspect of the the imbued rock alone if “vastly powerful”.

5) Brightness of Beech: this aspect of the spell promotes drawing forth one’s most “glowing” inner energies and it promotes one’s best qualities as well as enhanced talents and natural abilities. This aspect “allows the bearer to SHINE”.

6) Elegance of Elm: promotes refined speech, graceful body language and draws in the energies that promotes “attractiveness and a certain magnetism” for the bearer that will draw others towards one and allow one to progress and advance in social and career circles with ease!

7) Purity of Birch: This aspect allows the bearer to be “purified” by cleansing and releasing negative energies, while at the same time protecting against further “contamination” by negative energies that one comes in contact with. “keeps others negativity from effecting one” and “disallows the effects of other’s negative emotions, opinions as well as the energies that these behaviors create”.

8) Power of Holly: “Powerful” force of energies allows the bearer an “advancement” and potent “boost” within one’s inner stores of power. This is the aspect of the spell that is usually the first that is recognized by those around the bearer, as they “notice and sense that the bearer has become ‘stronger” in their demeanor, value and abilities to take charge!”

9) Everlastingness of Yew: This aspect of the spell promotes longevity and a “deep peace” that allows one to “roll with challenges and difficult tasks” with a sense of perseverance. This aspect of the spell promotes a longer life as well as a more peaceful and “whole” life in which one enjoys and learns from every experience.

One will notice that they are usually “going through stages of change” with this very complex piece! She adds that it is important to “allow one’s energies to align with the Magickal over a period of 3-4 weeks.”


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